Direct To Store Distribution to Independents

Superlink can provide you with a buy/sell solution for your products in the
independent channel. This includes warehousing and invoicing facilities in most
capital cities.

Direct to Store Sales

Superlink takes pride in offering a comprehensive buy/sell solution tailored specifically for independent retailers across various states. Our network and strategic presence allow us to service independent retailers, providing them with a suite of brands to grow sales and offer unique products to meet their customers needs.

With a deep understanding of the diverse landscape of independent retailers and MSO groups across the nation, our approach is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, we customise our buy/sell solution to address the distinct challenges and opportunities presented by each brand we represent. This ensures that you receive a targeted and effective strategy that aligns with the local retail landscape.

Our commitment goes beyond mere transactions; we strive to build brands and deliver lasting partnerships with independent retailers and our clients. Through transparent communication and a focus on mutual success, Superlink becomes not just a service provider but a trusted ally in supporting relevant brands to the independent retail sector.

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