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The role of a sales representative in the independent grocery channel is pivotal in driving the success of your brands via distribution and sales. At Superlink, we employ and train experienced sales representatives who possess a comprehensive understanding of the regions, the retailers and the categories we work in. Our sales teams are the solution to get your brand in prime selling position in grocery retail stores.

How we operate

We represent your company and your products as if they were our own. We encourage ongoing product training, samples, demos, and can provide support with creating sales and marketing tools that identify all the key features, benefits and deals available.
Its fundamental that the sales representatives have a deep understanding of the products they are selling, to effectively communicate the unique selling point (USP) to retailers and emphasise how your products meet consumer demands and trends.

We know our success depends entirely on your success and the secret to success is through relationships. It takes years to build trust and maintain strong relationships with retailers. Once achieved, it’s the foundation to securing prime shelf space, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring your products are always available on shelf. Take advantage of our strong position to build your brand presence from day one.

Where we operate

Our sales teams are situated across the country. We deal with the decision makers in store to get the very best result for your brand. We have established long term relationships with gourmet retailers, IGA, Foodworks, Foodland, Drakes, Farmer Jacks and Multi Site Operators (MSO’s) including; Ritchies, Cornetts, Romeos, and Chapleys to name a few.

Our frequent call cycles, open communication and responsiveness ensures our retailers can trust us to meet their needs, deliver excellent customer service and represent your brand professionally.


We provide our teams with devices and software to capture relevant information and sales orders for our clients. Through our customised CRM (Opmetrix) software our teams stay attuned to the happenings at store level and can collect critical information for our clients including; sales, distribution, facings, competitor activity, photos and displays.

Our software program allows us to send orders directly to you for invoicing and delivery to store or send orders via the Metcash Warehouse (turn-in order) for processing.

Data-driven decision-making is increasingly important in the grocery channel, from the information gathered, we can deliver to you a customised report so you can analyse the sales data to evaluate the performance of products, assess the impact of promotions, and identify areas for improvement. Regular reporting to you, the client, provides insights into the effectiveness of sales strategies and allows for collaborative efforts to optimise a products performance.

The Superlink Difference

Negotiation skills are a cornerstone of a sales representative’s role in the independent grocery channel. We encourage our team to negotiate pricing and promotional opportunities to secure advantageous positions for your products. Our sales representatives also collaborate with retailers on promotional strategies, such as discounts, special displays, or in-store events, to boost product visibility and drive sales.

This includes building product displays, placing signage (POS), and promotional materials within the store. By assisting retailers to create visually appealing product displays, we can enhance the overall shopping experience and increase the likelihood of sales for your brand or product. Our team also manage the ordering processes in stores to eliminate out of stocks and maximise sales.

The key ingredients of brand success are promotions, maintaining strong relationships with retailers and decision makers in store, ensuring that your products are visible and prominently featured in the right category and correctly priced to be well-received by shoppers in a competitive independent grocery supermarket. You bring the brand, we bring the knowledge and know-how.

Superlink Provides a tailored buy/sell solution that propels your brand

Whether you’re looking to expand your market presence, build brand awareness, optimise your product placement, or enhance your distribution, Superlink stands ready to provide a tailored buy/sell solution that propels your brand forward in the dynamic landscape of independent supermarkets, MSO groups and other similar retailers.
Please contact your local state operator or our national office for more information

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